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Who is the stranger found dead in the woods, outside Pamela, Lady Scawton's family home? Why was he carrying a stone that changes colour and a threatening letter?


The quest leads from World War One to the present day and from an English village to New Zealand farmland, to discover how past events are intertwined with the present. To unravel the mystery Pamela is forced to confront truths that shatter her beliefs about her family and their place in the world. 


The Alexandrite is a story of class conflict, hidden sins, and deceit.

The Alexandrite will shortly be published by Cloud Ink Press. 

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The next novel is well under way. 'When I was writing The Alexandrite I became interested in the incredible social affect the Great War had. I also like horses and inevitably there would be an equestrian theme in my writing before long!' - Dione


This story is based on some of the same characters as in The Alexandrite, and particularly the Scawton family. Like the earlier book it is also set both in England and New Zealand, but keeps within the time frame of post World War 1.


Hopefully this book will be published within a year or so.


(photo: by Laraine Davis from Pexels)